Weddings and Engagements

Something about LOVE illuminates! Ordinary people shine under its spell. Simply put, our love affair with love is so revered that modern couples choose photos to record every aspect of its most celebrated ceremony – The Wedding. Which is a good thing because wedding days are often a frenzy of activity. Despite months of extensive planning, the actual day can become a bit of a blur for most couples. Your dress, his tux, the flowers, the laughter, the unexpected tears and even the guests…. you’ll want to remember every detail.

Yes engagements and weddings are important matters but they are also full of fun and light-hearted enjoyment. The most meaningful moments are preserved in images that you can cherish and grin about for years to come. And let’s not forget, great images provide a photographic proof of just “how great” your GREAT event actually was so you can brag about your special day and how in love you truly are.