Paying It Forward

For me, being a photographer is an extraordinary gift and I feel compelled to use this gift to do something good. It is good to take beautiful images for clients but I also want to give back where and when I can. I donate my time and camera as well as myself to taking pictures for great causes or projects that inspire me. I had the privilege of working with two wonderful programs recently: The Jack and Jill Foundation and with Help Portrait.

Jack and Jill Foundation awards memory-building vacations to families with children who may have a parent in late-stage cancer.   I recently met a beautiful family, admired their strength and was happy to document some of the special moments during their vacation. It was an honor!

Help Portrait is a program built on an inspiring idea.  Every year, Photographers, Hair and makeup artists all over the world, gift their time and talents to provide professional photo shoots to clients which might not have an opportunity otherwise.   The list of recipients climbs every year yet on this international day of photo giving, many transformations occur, grins are shared and hope is kindled.   Perhaps a picture really is worth a thousand words.