Things to know before the shoot:

Let go and have fun. The absolute BEST pictures happen when you let your guard down.  After all, we’re both after the same thing –  we both want a great picture of you!

If you’re a parent, don’t worry about your children’s behavior.  As soon as they are not having fun or it feels like work to them, the images will start showing it. As a mother of four, your little guys won’t do a thing I haven’t seen before.  Remember that when you’re nearby, little ones will often look at/to you for approval or to see if everything’s okay rather than looking at the photographer. If you find your child tends to do this, it may help to stay nearby but slightly out of their field of vision.

Wear what ever you feel really great in but try to steer clear of large patterns or clothing with writing.  How you feel is far more important than what you are wearing.  If the session is for a group, I love the look of coordinating colors (not matching outfits per se) yet mixing it up a bit keeps it fun.   If you have any questions, just ask.